A project that start from far

Umbriamarche is a multichannel system to promote tourism in the Appennino Umbro Marchigiano area, conceived and created by the tour operator magnetoUr, with the support and sponsorship of the Associazione per lo Sviluppo dell’Appennino Umbro Marchigiano.

The platform was born as a follow-up of the aMANO project, that had involved in between 2016 and 2018 more than 30 artisanal companies and 20 accommodation facilities in the land between the two regions of Umbria and Marche. During this project the participants taked part to seminaries and workshops, where they worked on the construction of the “artisanal tourism” concept; and as a continuation, the production of a system to promote and sell what they were creating, online, word widely and in a smart way: the web site umbriamarche.com.

Umbriamarche’s goal is to transform the umbro-marchigiano area in a brand, as of now it still does not have a strong identity especially abroad. The idea is to offer unique and authentic experiences, selling holiday packages on line. These packages are focused on people and places, they want to narrate a land where you go to get back to your old self.

Therefore, we are always looking for people ready to take a challenge, ready to narrate their own land and let others live unique tourist experiences like artisanal workshop, guided tours, wine tasting, and so on.

To make sure to reach the goal, we are working hard to have a solid presence on the international market, using a system that is digital and smart, so that anyone can buy or products just with one click all over the world.

To aim this visibility, we choose to use the software Trekksoft, today leader in the online commercialization of tourist experiences.


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umbriamarche team:


Stefano Soglia _ channel manager / booking system / owner of magnetoUr



Maddalena Vantaggi _ product designer / content manager / territory expert



Filippo Manuali _ responsible of the web / social media management



Elena Garelli _ responsible for booking / content management