Terracotta Tour at Fratte Rosa

From EUR 16

Go and discover an authentic land, with amazing natural beauties, through the art and traditions of the place; come to Fratte Rosa, an enchanting village on the Marche hills, in a territory still to be explored.

From EUR 16

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Fratte Rosa has been for centuries the cradle of terracotta. Its land, very rich in clay, has allowed the flourishing of the art of forging terracotta, preserved by the local potters, since the Middle Ages.
The production of popular ceramics still continues in Fratte Rosa through the selling in the workshops, preserving an artisan heritage of "archaic figures", started in the Middle Ages used for cooking and the storage of food.
Duration: 1,5 hr

- no transfer available, you should have your own car


Discover the history of our shapes and the processing of terracotta, visiting our workshops surrounded by a unique landscape. You can admire one by one:  "Bottega dei cocci" by Giovanna, the Laboratory of Giacomo and that of Daniele.

You will discover the gestures of tradition and its history. You will see the processing of objects that will be unique.

Hr. 9.30 am - meeting point in Piazza San Giorgio to reach
  La Bottega dei Cocci, Giovanna’s laboratory
Hr. 10.00 am - arrival at Giacomo Bonifazi’s  laboratory 
Hr. 10.30 am - arrival at Daniele Giombi ‘s laboratory