Guided Tour & Truffle Tasting - Walking between art, knowledge and flavors

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Join this itinerary that will let you discover the artistic and architectural treasures of Gubbio, one of the most suggestive and beautiful medieval cities of Italy; and at the end we will also taste some local product with truffles.
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Gubbio opens his doors and welcome you to live a journey into time, space and flavors, honoring you with the title of “Matti della Città di Gubbio”

I am Annalisa and I am not just a tourist guide but an “eugubina”, that means I was born here and that I proudly love my city. I will bring you around in a unique, funny and intriguing tour, that will let you know the history, the art, the culture and also the folklore of the most beautiful medieval Italian city. But it does not end here, in the second part of the tour we will also visit some artisanal workshop and we will taste some authentic food as the truffles with their unique aroma.
Duration: 2 hours


_ Meeting point at Piazza dei Quaranta Martiri
_ Tour of the main square, churches and characteristic alley
_ Visit at Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo dei Consoli
_ Tasting of some local products and tour of some artisanal local workshop
_ Initiation of the participant as “Matti Onorari di Gubbio”