Filinfiore - Laboratory

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Loving threads and colors, smells and flavors from the green hills of Umbria.
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The idea of a cotton bag that contains 500 gr of your favorite agricultural product is born from the collaboration with an organic farm placed in Gualdo Tadino ( “Capoccia Agricola”, born in the early years of the last century and nowadays managed by Cesare and Gabriele in organic farming. They grow ancient cereals and chickpeas, traditional and for a long time disregarded crops of umbrian hills).

You will enjoy the experience even beyond the time spent together by bringing home a handmade cotton bag and the flavors of our lands, that at anytime will take you back to the gorgeous moment you stayed here.

The artisan workshop Filinfiore is located in an ancient stone building in the old area of Gualdo Tadino. Filinfiore springs up from the owner’s passion for embroidery. The owner Laura Scatena is inspired by a deeply rooted tradition in Umbria (as we can see, in fact, many names of embroidery techniques refer to umbrian territories: punto Assisi, ars panicalensis, punto Deruta, ars Wetana, …), she is especially focused on “punto pittura”(painting point) of Anna Maria Vigo embroidery mistress. So she “paints” with needle and thread emblematic flowers and monuments of our environment.
Laura’s aim is to combine the emboidery tradition with lush nature and the hard work of the inhabitants of these hills.


You will embroider a cotton bag with basic techniques of Umbrian point (punto erba and punti di rifinitura). The bag will contain your favourite food product (chickpeas, spelled and their flours).
The tourist will be allowed to take the cotton bag and the product contained inside home.
You will experience a true concentrate of Umbria: all the wonders men have achieved through the centuries with intelligence and passion and all the colors spreaded everywhere by nature.
You will enjoy environment’s treasures with greater awareness, finding them in the most hidden corners usually only really known by the local inhabitants.