The gold of Montelujano – Laboratory & Tasting

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I invite you to visit me to create, immersed in the nature of Montalujano, some small but precious ceramic objects with lustre and gold decorations. We will start handling and shaping the clay, then we will paint and cook your precious souvenir.
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I introduce myself, I am Giuliano and my pottery workshop is immersed in the nature of Montelujano, an enchanting countryside district, not far from Gubbio, where you can enjoy beautiful sunset.

Following the local and family tradition, since forever an art enthusiast, I decided to combine the artisanal knowledge, learn from my family, with the research of innovative solutions. I realize unique objects, working the clay with my hands, giving it new shapes and colours, making use also of ancient techniques characteristic of our territory, as the “lustro di Mastro Giorgio”: low relief panels, in the round sculpture, ceramics “a terzo fuoco”, glimpses of Gubbio realized with brilliant and bright colours, almost metallic. This way I make real a vision, transferring the colours and gleams of my land, in my handscrafts.
Duration: 8 hours


Description of the experience:

- 9.30 am meeting and the workshop, introductions, breakfast with local profducts
- 10 am short walk around the bottega to discover the land (fields and thickets) and a panoramic view over Gubbio (we are 640 meters over sea level).
- 11 am explanation of the materials and production, making of the clay and creation of objects like jewelry, small plates or frame
- 1 pm lunch with my family with typical food and wine, produced by the farms of the area
- 2.30 pm finishing and painting of the objects and lustre and gold (pure 24 ct) decoration
- 5.30 pm greetings

NOTE: the final object, because of the cooking time, it will be available to be picked up or for the delivery in 30th days.