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Draw and decorate on cotton paper
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I am Anna, a journalist with passion for writing, that have decided, living in the marvelous city of Gubbio, abode of many ancient artisanal traditions, to become the director of Arte Libro unaLuna”, where I work with experts of the amanuensis art.
Gubbio is probably the most beautiful of the medieval city and with just one look at it you will be amazed. At the modern visitor as for the ancient traveler, Gubbio show itself seductive and haughty beautiful. Many writers of the past and contemporary artists have left marvelous pages talking about the architectures, the bird’s-eye views and the breath-taking glimpses.
With the project “Parco letterario diffuso” it is now possible to feel the emotions of these words, transcribing and decorating them on precious cotton paper in natural fibre for a quality without time.

Some example of sentences dedicated to Gubbio:
‘E per quel giorno la meraviglia fu tutto’ by Hermann Hesse,
‘Gubbio è un’altra Umbria: e dell’Umbria, la città più straordinaria’ by Guido Piovene,
‘Sarebbe divino per un amante rapire una giovane donna, in una notte di gran vento, Gubbio’ by André Suarèz.
Duration: 5 hours
You will have 2 hours lunch break.
Lunch is not included.


- Choose together with the tutor the most beautiful sentences from great ancient and modern authors
- Touch with your own hand the quality of the cotton paper in natural fiber made by hand, so that all your 5 senses will be reawaken
- Learn some secrets of the miniature technique, used by calligraphists of the thirteenth century
- Use the brushes and the pigments to colour the sentence chooses by you
- Learn the technique “missione a foglia d’oro”

At the end you will appreciate the job done together with the other participants and the tutor. Moreover bring home your unique creation and an unforgivable emotion and memory.

Saturday or Sunday: from 10 am to 1 pm + from 3 pm to 5 pm