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Realize a miniature of your name initial letter with a golden leaf on cotton paper.
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When life take you by the arm, you should follow her; even if sometimes she brings you on arduous road. This has happened to me, Anna, journalist with a passion for writing, that today find herself living in the marvelous medieval city of Gubbio, abode of many ancient artisanal traditions, where I am the director of “Arte Libro unaLuna”, where I work with experts of the amanuensis art.

Imagine to be surrounded by silence and to hear only the rustle of the nibs and the brushes moving on precious cotton paper.
Imagine to see a light gold leaf that lie on your name initial letter and shine.
It wouldn’t be beautiful to relax, to get away from the chaos and the noises to create something unique and beautiful?
In the “scriptorum” of Arte Libro unaLuna, you can re-experience the achievements of ancient amanuensis. Among them stands out the legendary figure of Oderisi, that Dante mentioned in the Canto XI of the Purgatory in the Divina Commedia: «non se' tu Oderisi, l'onor d'Agobbio e l'onor di quell'arte ch'alluminar chiamata è in Parisi? ».
This is a fascinating art, made of pigments, goose-pen, inks and a lot of patience.
Duration: 5 hours
You will have 2 hours lunch break.
Lunch is not included.


- You will learn some secrets of the miniature technique, used by calligraphists of the thirteenth century
- You will touch with your own hand the quality of the cotton paper in natural fiber made by hand, so that all your 5 senses will be reawaken
- You will use the brushes and the pigments to colour your name initial
- You will learn the technique “missione a foglia d’oro”

At the end the final object will be insert in a specific transparent box so that everyone can admire it.

Saturday or Sunday:
   from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm