DiWine Ornament - Laboratory&Tasting

From EUR 96

Immerse yourself in this experience made of knowledge and taste

The Fiorini Agricultural Company in collaboration with Linda Zepponi’s Majolica Workshop presents the project “DiWine Ornament”. A unique occasion to get to know two excellences of the Mache territory: the ceramic and the wine.
You will have the chance to get your hands in the art of majolica, traditional ceramic decorative technique of our territory, meanwhile you will also taste the flavor of our land. With simple and delicate brush strokes you will decorate your object.

From EUR 96

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   Monday at 2.00 pm

  Meeting point:

   Via Campioli 6, Loc. BARCHI 61038

   please arrive 5 minutes before strating time


    5 hours


During the laboratory, you will deal with:
- the history of decoration and illustration used in different ornamental system during the Renaissance period of the Montefeltro territory
- creation of the object with decoration on paper
- transfer of the painting with direct or indirect techniques and decoration with brush
- use of the colors and knowledge of their characteristics
- final baking

Extra: at the end of the laboratory, if you liked to bring the object create by you back home as a memory of this experience it will be possible to collect your creation at the Artisanal Majolica Workshop, situated in Via G. Leopardi 30, 61043, Cagli, PU.


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