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... working the lathe, slip in the silent of the marche's hills.

From EUR 96

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My name is Daniel and my shop is surrounded by the silence and nature of the beautiful countryside in the Marche.
I live in Fratte Rosa, a magical place, where time seems to stand still and the silent and ancient gestures transform the essence into art.
It has always been a tradition here to manufacture crockery for cooking and storage purposes. They were mostly made on a lathe placed on old wagon wheels. Our town produced large quantities for the whole neighborhood. These archaic forms, typical of our territory, are a heritage that our craftsmen handed down to us.
My enthusiasm for working with terracotta started in school and has become a profession.
What really fascinates me is to see how the raw material, territory and people meet; because as always in my laboratory, children and adults can try with their own hands to discover the art of the lathe and create their piece.

Duration: 4 hours
- laboratory good for beginners, experts and kids


With my experience I will help you to shape the clay on the potter’s wheel according to the tradition, to color it with the colors of the earth and bake it in the oven. You can then finally see the item of terracotta with the unique glazes, typical of our territory.
The item will then be delivered to you as a souvenir of this experience that will remind you of this marvelous place.
You can also discover our delicacies that I will have the pleasure to offer at the end of this route.

Thursday: from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm


  1. Fratte Rosa