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Ancient works for endless shapes

From EUR 96

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I was very young when I began working as a craftsman, about 40 years ago, inheriting the knowledge of the pottery from the old artisans living in Fratte Rosa, a pleasant and welcoming village seated on the Marche hills and immersed in a beautiful landscape.
Here the art of work with the potter’s wheel for the terracotta is very ancient, since the beginning of the middle-age and it was very widespread, thanks to the large presence of clay in the district.

Mr. Odo, an old potter of the place, trained me the art that I have carried on with skill modelling the objects and giving the terracotta shapes. In time, my passion has become more and more intense.
The terracotta utensils produced in Fratte Rosa are useful for cookery, storing, preparing and containing food, maintaining the flavors, aromas and genuineness of the past.
Duration: 4 hours


My shop is open to all: children and adults, to whom already knows how to work on a lathe and to who wants to approach it for the first time; because one day I will also have to pass on my “expertise” for a continuity.

Therefore, you will have the possibility to shape your object on a potter’s wheel with the simple movement of your hands, retracing the same ancient gestures of centuries ago.
You will then color your piece with the "secret" recipe using the earth's colors and bake it in an oven.

At the end of the workshop I will be pleased to offer some typical delicacies of this territory.
You can then take home your unique work, which will be like a small fragment of the area.


  1. Fratte Rosa