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Live a day like a real artisan: between your home and your bottega (workshop).
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Once upon a time the artisans lived closed to their workshop, for this reason we used to say that their life was all Casa e Bottega (Home and Work). My husband and I chose to live this way nowadays: our home it is also our art workshop, the place where we produce, shape, experiment and garnish our gypsum plater, so that we made creativity become solid.

We would like to host you in our home that is also our art workshop, to share with you in an authentic and profound way, our artistic journey that started more that 28 years ago. Throughout this long history we worked for some of the most important restoration projects in our land, gaining a precious experience in the recreation by gypsum of the friezes and ornamental details.

We had also collected valuable eighteenth-century mould where you can still see the fingerprints of the ancient artisans that made them.
If you come to visit us you will have the chance to discover the ancient art of the gypsum and the plater; you will also create a rubber mould of an artistic plater and then you will reproduce it by gypsum to create a decorative object for your house. This way, you will bring back home a piece of the Italian’s Story, meanwhile you spend a day between “Casa e Bottega”.

Duration: 6 hours

At the end of the laboratory, we will provide you with some explanation materials, so that you will be able to replicate these techniques back home. For this aim, we will also provide you with information about shops where you can find the raw materials.


The experience will be divided in two phases, during the first phase in the workshop where we will dedicate to:
- an introduction of the plater art with practical examples and a description of the various techniques
- a description of the mould we are going to create
- preparation of the mould: dose and time
- professional creation of the gypsum mixture
- try different decoration technique: gold-plating with the missione a foglia d’oro technique, painting with water-based tempera, lacquering, wax finishing
- pull out the object and check the result
- creation of the plater
- filtering in the mould
During the second phase we will move from the gypsum dust to the "wheat dust", the flower. Together we will prepare the crescia, a humble plate typical of the Umbria area, that we will taste together with cured ham sliced by hand. Than we will make a toast to the experience with Tribola, a wine that is produced by my husband and his friends, it is a local wine obtain from the recovery of abandoned vineyards in our land.

After dinner we will be back in the workshop to check the result of our job, and confront them with the original one. The better one will be proclaimed and crowned King of the Experience.


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