Beauty, Fate & Madness! - Guided Tour

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Ready to be beautiful honorary lucky madmen of Gubbio? Discover the mysterious history of the Bargello fountain.
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Our Gypsea art workshop is situated in one of the most beautiful and mysterious location of Gubbio: Largo del Bargello where you will find the iconic Fontana dei Matti (literally Fountain of the Crazy People). According to the tradition in this enchanted place, through a jovial ritual it is possible to become honorary madman of the city, as the eugubini (residents of Gubbio) are consider to be crazy from when they were born.

Come to visit our bottega (workshop) to know our art and the old anecdotes connected with this magical place. You are going not only to know our refined collection of plaster, but also to take part to the ceremony that is going to give you the chance to become honorary lucky madmen of Gubbio.
Duration: 30 minutes


  • At the end of the ritual you are going to receive the patente da matto (madman license), the traditional parchment writes by hands, that certify your madness and your new eugubina citizenship.
  • Together with the license you will receive as a gift, a small and precious Renaissance Cornucopia made by gypsum, symbol of luckiness, prosperity and wealth, a memory of an unforgivable experience in a place that is Bello (Beautiful), that makes you Matti (Crazy) and Fortunati (Lucky).


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