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A journey in the past between air, water, earth and fire.

From EUR 96

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My name is Giovanna and my shop is located in the old center of Fratte Rosa, a village settled on top of a hill, in a panoramic location among the most evocative of the Marches.

Fratte Rosa, is a "small country with a strong heart" and it is the town where I was born and where I still live, falling in love with the traditions that a small village knows how to pass on; among these, the passion for ceramics, because this territory has for centuries been the hub center for the production of terracotta objects, thanks to the great presence of clay.

From the local potter masters I have acquired the art of forging clay and decoration; arts that are born from the earth that can be shaped and that I wish to extend to who wants to get involved on a wonderful journey into the past, between water, earth and fire.
Duration: 4 hours
Good for kids, beginnes and expert


In my "cocci" workshop, an ancient dialect term referring to terracotta, you will begin your own experience with forging, modeling clay using different techniques, wick, mold or by free hand. You can then decorate the object after dipping it in the enamel, choosing the decoration technique between freehand drawing, dusting or stencil template.

At the end of the workshop you can taste some local delicacies.
The combination of the four elements, earth-water-air-fire, combined with the hand of man, will allow you to live an authentic experience, forever engraved in your object.

Extra: if you would like, after cooking, I will send the finished item to your home.


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