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Bring back home the Italian Summer
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In the summer of the Umbria’s countryside, you will be seduced by the sunflower fields, typical of these areas. Taking part to this course, you are going to have the opportunity to create a gypsum sunflower, that would bring the atmosphere of these lands back to your home. Besides you are going to learn the ancient art of plaster manufacturing that had given shape to our antique palaces.

Duration: 3 hours
Good for everyone


What are we going to do?
- learn to prepare the gypsum mixture in a professional way
- paint the mould
- create a gold-plating with an ancient technique called “missione a foglia d’ottone”
- paint with water-based tempera
- decide if spray, varnish or create the object
- pull out the sunflower from the mould and enjoy the result
At the end of the laboratory, we will provide you with some explanation materials, so that you will be able to replicate these techniques back home. For this aim, we will also provide you with information about shops where you can find the raw materials.


  1. Gubbio